more booty coming soon you guys, we promise. we’ve been busy making “content” aka pictures of Drake on bratwurst aka giving the people what they want.

(as always, Brian is available for hire for all your hot-dog-drake photoshop needs. past work includes putting kanye’s head on a bee!!!!!!)

FYI: Tiff’s Oscar Party Pls RSVP




It’s that time of year again (drumroll pleeeaaase LOL) Tiff’s annual Oscar Party! Same place, this time without the in-laws LOL. This will be a black and white event (minus the blacks LOL sorry Jashon I had to) so come dressed to impress. There will be wine and food provided, Luke and I only ask that a few volunteer to bring:

- A great attitude

- A hungry tummy

- Plastic cups (We didn’t find the right deal at Costco)

We will make our predictions starting at the Red Carpet Preshow and we will also feature our own Red Carpet outside with a photographer from the local high school! Which will be followed by interviews and our favorite “Karaoke performances”!

I hope to see you all there!





Dear Tiff,

I could see every “person” you emailed this to and I can clearly see that I was the only person who was emailed. This is not an annual event or an event at all, I will not come over and watch the Oscar’s with you. I am not interested in dating you.



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Beyonce’s Surfing Academy

Beyonce's Surfing Academy

Tired of avoiding trips to the islands? Avoiding those weekend ragers at the shore? Barely being able to irritate that wood?

Beyonce’s Surfing Academy is here just for you!

Starting from age 3 and up we’ll teach you all the aspects of the great art of surfing!
Our trainers range from former pro surfers, shop owners, and sometimes Beyonce herself!
Use the promo code: GRDNWUD to get 50% off your first week!

Our academy is located in the soulful Brooklyn borough, the hotbed of basketball, and now SURFING! Classes are filling up, make your purchase today!

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“only the good die young.” -Billy Gerbil

It’s been ten years since my brother and I came home from church one day and my dad said “Becky died” and my brother said “who?” and my dad said “the gerbil.” While the official cause of death was labeled a stroke, details about her passing have always been suspect. My brother had a guinea pig named Stuart who always had it out for Becky after she turned him down. But after the media frenzy died down and cops couldn’t pin anything on Stuart, the case went cold. Alas, tears won’t bring back Becky. We must remember the good times we had instead, like the time she was getting high with the neighbor’s dog and the parents came home early, or when she ate that whole bag of seeds and everyone said she couldn’t do it.

Rest In Peace Becky. Gone 2 Soon.

Caught on Camera

This ignorant ass dude came on my bus today, caught him on my iPhone


This happened at: Subway

Customer: “I just looked over my receipt and I got charged twice for both sandwiches.”

Subway Don: “Let me see please.”

(Looks over it)

Subway Don: “We can refund money, can I see you card again?”

Customer: “You sure? I don’t want it charging me again.”

Subway Don: “No, no no we can refund.”

(Customer hands the card and rambles about her past experience at Denny’s? Arbie’s? I don’t fucking remember)

Subway Don: “Okay we will refund now”

(Customer tries to complain again)

Subway Don: “Here’s what I can do..”

(Subway Don hands the customer a $1 Chocolate Chip Cookie)


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motivate your booty

motivate your booty

~**ugh, so true, needed this, luv u guys**~ <333



we’re having a show kids! well, we’re part of a show! big time number one cowboy american fun guaranteed! click the internet link for real tickets!!

Interview with Matthew Broussard

You may have just saw him on Comedy Central or maybe you thought you saw him in this movie you saw on Netflix last night, either way you’ll definitely be seeing more of Matthew Broussard this upcoming year. He’s rising fast and I got to speak to him the Houston bred comedian about his work and where he’s heading.

You had a great set on “Adam Devine’s House Party”, that show is pretty sick because it’s giving young comedians rare television exposure. How was that experience? Run into any fangirls or fanguys (or fandogs, fanbaristas, fanpunks, I could go on…) yet?
It was straight-up a dream come true.  I was living in Houston and did a showcase in Austin. Six weeks later I get an email asking me to perform. As a comic, getting to do anything on TV is such a huge break. But to get to do stand up on Comedy Central with the guy from Workaholics? {performs universal gesture for head exploding} Adam was incredibly cool. The show was enormous boost for everyone on it. And the talent was top-notch. After it aired, I got lots of love on Twitter and Facebook. (Only one piece of hate-mail!) I got some very sweet messages from a couple young ladies–three “marry me”s and one “fuck me.” Strangely, no one looking to just date casually.

I saw that you have a role in “Intramural” which comes out in 2014. Could you tell us a little about that? 
Super funny movie about intramural college football. I’m one of the douchey jocks who takes it WAY too seriously. We filmed in Austin.
It stars Jake Lacy (The Office) and Nikki Reed (Twilight). They filled out the cast with a lot of super-funny up-and-comers: SNL’s Jay Pharaoh and Kate McKinnon; BriTANick’s Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, who just inked a movie deal; Good Neighbor’s Nick Rutherford and Beck Bennett (who was added to SNL’s cast the day after we wrapped!); and tons of amazing local talent like Kirk Johnson, Will Elliot, Mike MacRae, and Sam Eidson. I’m hoping it will be like Wet Hot American Summer where you watch it again 8 years later and you’re like “Holy shit, was that Bradley Cooper?!”

It seems like you’re always keeping busy, especially with your web comic Monday Punday. Our website had absolutely no inspiration behind it at all but I feel like yours had a little more thought put into. What gave you the idea? Was it something you did before stand up?
FYI is my weekly puzzle web comic. Every Monday, I put up a picture of a play-on-words for you to guess. Example: a caveman sculpting a vase would be “Harry Potter.” It’s challenging but fun. In 2010, a year before I started doing comedy, I was had a desk-job. Instead of working, I drew puzzles for coworkers. Similar to something my teacher Ms Swartz did in high school. I started posting them weekly on Facebook and people really liked them, so I made a website. It’s my pride and joy. I want that URL on my tombstone.

I’d say you ended the year off well, what’s your next step for the upcoming year?
Just filmed a set for NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly that airs on Jan. 7! I did stand up stand-up/standup plus a super-fun interview. Everyone should TiVo it and then forget to watch! Other than that, hitting the road for some college shows and continuing to pump out puns for the masses.

I admire your ability to have stayed creative while at a desk job, I could not do it. Anyways, I saw that you majored in applied mathematics and I think my Calculus teacher gave me a C+ because I was the last person done with the final and pretended to get pumped about a question I solved even though it was wrong along with two other pages on the test. Anyways, you’re from Houston, is that your favorite scene to perform or have you found a new home?
 I find it was easier to be creative with a desk job. When you’re busy, you’re constantly inspired. The only limiting factor is not having a pen and paper when inspiration strikes, as it so often does. Aspiring comics: KEEP YOUR DAY JOB AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Sadly, I lost that job in October. I hate all the freedom. I get nothing done. I love the alt rooms in Austin and Houston. Young, smart, and comedy savvy.

I always ask, what’s one piece of advice that’s stuck with you as a comedian?
The biggest realizations come from experience. But one time, Chase Durousseau told me to leave the mic in the stand. It honestly changed my whole act.


I know you grew up watching me, studying me, following me….I mean what’s the deal? What did you take away from this?


Thanks again for your time, planning on any shows in Philly? 
I’m doing a show at Penn State Berks on Mar. 3. I might stop by the city over the weekend to get some guest spots.

Don’t forget to look out for him on Carson Daly on Jan. 7th and check out this clip from Comedy Central!  You can follow Matt @mondaypunday
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